Previous SWOC Meetings & Events

2015 Networking, Technical and Regulatory Meeting

On February 19th, the SWOC of the A&WMA had our first Networking, Technical and Regulatory meeting of the year which was held at the Regional Air Pollution Control Agency (RAPCA) HQ at 117 S. Main Street in downtown Dayton, OH.

This meeting was co-sponsored by RAPCA as the host of the meeting, and Arnie Beringer of CEECO Equipment who provided the refreshments! Thanks to you both for your partnership with A&WMA.

We had two excellent speakers, namely:

  • Jenny Marsee, Agency Administrator, RAPCA, who updated attendees on the key air related environmental issues affecting SW Ohio, and Statewide. The Administrator's power point presentation can be found here!Marsee
  • Debora Roth, P.E., Manager-Division of Surface Water, SWDO-OEPA, who updated attendees on several key issues on the water related front including: overall water quality status for SW Ohio and the State, issues adversely affecting water quality, the latest information on the algae blooms affecting several local lakes, and other areas. The Manager's power point presentation can be found here!

As always, we strive to provide a great networking, technical and regulatory atmosphere in the Southwest Ohio Chapter of the A&WMA. These "Breakfast with the Regulator" series events give all of us an opportunity to hear key Agency personnel share the latest updates on regulatory issues that affect us all whether in industry, private or governmental sectors, or in some other space within the environmental landscape.

We welcome and encourage your participation in these events, and, remember that due to our Educational Chair, Jim Ryckman, we offer Professional Development Hours (PDH's) for attending these informative meetings.

For those who were able to make it to the meeting on this Frigid Day (-5 in the AM), thank you for attending and for your interest in A&WMA, and we look forward to seeing you at the next meeting which is in the works and will be detailed sometime soon.

Breakfast with the Regulators

On February 21, 2013, the Southwest Ohio Chapter (SWOC) of the Air & Waste Management Association kicked off our initial meeting of the year with a “Breakfast with the Regulators” seminar held at RAPCA HQ in Downtown Dayton!

Our RAPCA meeting was co-sponsored by RAPCA, and CEECO Equipment (Arnie Beringer).

The program featured presentations by RAPCA Director, John Paul; Cemex environmental manager, Robert Hocks; and OEPA staff Brad Houser and Karen Hale. All the presenters did an excellent job with their respective topics with Mr. Paul, Houser and Ms. Hale presenting the Agency viewpoint, and Mr. Hocks sharing the Industrial viewpoint

Their talks included:

  • Air "Hot Topics" updates by Mr. Paul where he covered items including-Priority Air Issues, National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) providing updates on the standard, our Ohio Statewide air quality data, the Dayton air quality, Dayton inventory and future plans. Mr. Paul covered the National rules and recent court decisions and did an excellent job of putting it all in perspective as to where this is all headed. SO2, NOX, Lead, Ozone, Biogenic topics were all discussed.
  • Mr. Hocks from Cemex did an excellent job of viewing the National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPS) from an Industry Perspective. In his presentation Mr. Hocks covered emission limitations and provision standards, initial notifications, applicability issues, compliance monitoring, performance testing, operation and maintenance plans, notifications of compliance status, compliance certification, recordkeeping and reporting, startup shutdown malfunction plans, and control device and work practice requirements.
  • Mr. Houser and Ms. Hale gave presentations on OEPA’s Beneficial Use program related to waste management, universal waste and the definition of solid & hazardous waste.

Fall 2013 Presentations

AIr Hot Topics - Mr. Paul

NESHAPS from an "Industry Perspective" - Mr. Hocks

Beneficial Use Rules - Mr. Hauser

Regulatory Upadte - Hazardous Wastes - Ms. Hale

In closing…

  • Several additional meetings are planned for 2013. Look for e-mails announcing our upcoming meeting schedule.
  • As always, we welcome the opportunity to come together as a group, to network, learn, and share technical, regulatory, business and related thoughts to advance our continuing education as environmental leaders! We welcome your involvement as a Southwest Ohio Chapter (SWOC) Air & Waste Management member.

SWOC Welcomes 2011 in with
First "Breakfast with the Regulator" meeting

The Southwest Ohio Chapter (SWOC) had our first meeting of the year February 24th in Downtown Dayton at the Racquet Club inside the Kettering Tower. This was a great event to kick off 2011, which featured presentations by John Paul, Director of RAPCA and Nationally recognized air regulatory expert, and Jim Ryckman and Pam Heckle. As you know, with the Boiler MACT and other key regulations on the forefront of the environmental issues in the US, having John Paul's take on these key issues was very interesting and provided excellent insight into his interpretation on some of these hot topics affecting us all! We have included on the SW Ohio Chapter website the presentations of John Paul, Jim Ryckman, and Pam Heckle.

Regulatory Update, February 2011; John A. Paul, RAPCA

News from 2011 InterCouncil; Pamela Heckel, Ph.D., P.E.

Update to the A&WMA Southwest Ohio Chapter: An Introduction to Technical Council (TC) and the ACE Technical Program; Lim Ryckman

If the PowerPoint file does not download correctly, please right click on the link and select "Save As" and save the presentation to your computer.

The meeting was kicked off by our SW Ohio Chapter Chair, Arnie Beringer of Sun Chemical, who welcomed the crowd (32 attendees to this early morning meeting), and shared our aggressive schedule of meetings for 2011, all designed to create value for our local members. Upcoming meetings include the "All-Ohio" joint meeting between the SWOC and NOC on May 25th in Columbus (Be Sure to Reserve that Date in your Outlook Calendar); a UC centered meeting in July, a Cincinnati meeting in September, and a Columbus meeting in November or December.

Remember in the case of the "All-Ohio" meeting, we have in the past two events had 90 and 110 attendees! The spots fill quite fast and in both of most recent meetings in Columbus, the room was filled almost beyond capacity. We have already lined up the new Ohio EPA Director, and are working on other impact speakers. However, we are also interested in getting your feedback on what you believe would be good topics to cover at the meeting. Please share your ideas through an e-mail to bmcullough@QSEMsolutions.com, and I will compile your results and pass along to the SWOC officers.

We had a few new members and/or transferring members at the meeting, and welcome any and all referrals that you have for new members. Each new member has the possibility of bringing a positive and interesting dynamic to the group and the meetings, and we encourage you to Reach Out to your associates who you think will benefit from the Networking, the Technical and Regulatory input and camaraderie that we find here in the SW Ohio Chapter of the A&WMA association.

Look for the upcoming first announcement for the "All-Ohio" meeting around April 1st. First come, first serve for the spots for the "All-Ohio" so if you are interested in attending, please respond in time to reserve your space. Also, this "Breakfast with the Regulator" meeting was a reflection of how much you can get out of connecting with the SW Ohio Chapter and making time to come to the meetings. Needless to say, everyone is stretched pretty thin with tighter budgets and at the same time, more demands on your time, but if you can work in a little time to make the meetings, you will be surprised at how much technical, regulatory, and networking time you can fit in over a few hours. So, come on down if you can. We enjoy having a full room, and welcome your participation.

SWOC Members Attend the Annual Conference & Exhibition

As your SW Ohio Chapter officers, we are here to serve the needs of this important group, and to help create value for our membership. A big part of that is your involvement in the group on the local (chapter), sectional and national level. We look forward to your participation in meetings, and welcome your input on any related thoughts that will add to the A&WMA experience for the group!

One recent experience several of the Chapter members enjoyed was attending the Annual Conference & Exhibition (ACE) from June 22-25 in Calgary, Alberta,Canada. The conference was well attended, the downtown area of Calgary was great, and you were only a few hours away from some of the most majestic mountain ranges in North America. Click here to learn more about the ACE!


Fall Meeting:
GE Aircraft Engine Learning Center, and Aviation Museum

On the heels of the August 19th meeting the SWOC held at the University of Cincinnati, the chapter just completed our FALL Meeting at the fabulous GE Aircraft Engine Learning Center, and Aviation Museum. The meeting was sponsored by GE’s Jim Sumner and Harold Jones. The Learning Center is a top notch facility to hold a meeting, and has the great aviation ambience befitting the number one jet engine manufacturing firm in the world, GE. The museum has numerous jet engines of historical importance displayed hanging from the ceiling ranging from the first American jet engine, to the world’s largest jet
engine (displayed on the floor). Great venue, and a great meeting, so our thanks to the GE crowd for supporting A&WMA and our members!

GE LEarning Center

The attendees were fortunate to have an All Star cast of speakers that included: Arnie Beringer, SW Ohio Chapter Chair, kicking off the meeting welcoming everyone, and Harold Jones, General Manager of GE-/EHS/Lean Six Sigma; Jeff Hines, Chief SW District Ohio EPA; John Paul, Director RAPCA; Brad Miller, Permits and Enforcement Section Supervisor, Hamilton County Department of Environmental Services, and Anna Kelly, Monitoring and Analysis Supervisor, Hamilton County Department of Environmental Services, and April Bott, Bott Law Group.

Anna Kelly APril Bott
class ClassBrad

Harold Jones shared a great deal of insight into GE’s vision on health, wellness, environmental and business venues. Jeff Hines offered a strong historical view on the improvements we have made in waste and water issues, and reviewed our ongoing challenges. John Paul discussed several of the latest hot air topics affecting not only SW Ohio, but the US as a whole, and shared some the “fresh of the press” latest news and viewpoints on air regulations and how they will affect us in Ohio, in Region 5 and the nation. Brad Miller and Anna Kelly gave presentations that ranged from a detailed overview of one of the largest projects to be permitted in SW Ohio in many years, the AK steel related, Sun Coking facility on the Middletown-Monroe boarder. Anna also presented a good review of our current air quality status and issues from a local, Statewide and National perspective. April Bott reviewed some of the hottest enforcement trends, discussed some real life enforcement examples, and presented an industry viewpoint to some of the ripple effects of the latest air regulations. All of the speakers had a very strong command of their respective subjects and areas of responsibilities, and enlightened the audience with knowledge about these subjects and some point/counterpoint. This was a stimulating group of speakers.
Of course, not only was this a great technical session, but it was also a great time networking with a diverse group!

For those of you who attended, our Educational Chair, Jim Ryckman, will forward you your PDH’s for the meeting, probably later this week. Also, the presentations are availbale on the website.
[All presentations are PowerPoint files]

We are in discussions currently about our next meeting potentially being in Columbus with the CDO or other key OEPA personnel as key speakers. As soon as we finalize our planning, we will get you an e-mail out to make sure you hold that morning open for the meeting.

A few key thoughts-this type of quality meeting (top flight speakers, local, state and national reputation speakers; the ability for all the different steakholders to interact-industry, academia, regulators-) is invaluable as an environmental professional. We hope you agree that the value you get from you’re A&WMA membership is well worth it. We encourage you to get your colleagues on board! Talk up our group, and A&WMA, and let’s get more members to be part of our group to even further add to the dynamics. If you need a membership form, or want someone to discuss membership benefits with your associates, just e-mail Bob McCullough at bmccullough@qsemsolutions.com. Thanks for attending and we hope you enjoyed it, and benefited from it, as much as we did.


Chapter Meeting - University of Cincinnati

Tangeman University Center

On August 19th, the Southwest Ohio Chapter held a meeting at the University of Cincinnati (UC) that was hosted by Dr. Tim Keener of the university. UC has done fabulous things to the university both academically, and in the buildings and other infrastructure of the university. All of the attendees were pleased to hear about the long standing tradition of environmental excellence at UC, and appreciated the hospitality of Tim, the students and the University during this meeting.

Arnie Beringer, SW Ohio Chapter Chair, kicked off the meeting welcoming everyone to the meeting, and explaining the history and value of being a member of Air and Waste Management. This meeting was joined by the Auditing Roundtable (AR) organization, and a review of AR was shared by Stephanie Werner.

Tim Keener gave a strong presentation on the history of UC with engineering and environmental issues, and we all left with a better understanding of the history, the significant current efforts, and the future of UC academics and partnerships with NIOSH, EPA and other partners in addressing some of the key issues in our field.

Jeff Slayback tackled the key Air Quality topics that are coursing through many industries and institutions across the US. Jeff gave us an overview the vast array of new air regulations that the current administration has been actively advancing, and some of the impacts that these regulations will have on the country..impacts that are not apparent to everyone, but are very real, and have significant ramifications across a broad spectrum of sites.

Michele Buckler shared a good recap of hot waste topics, and discussed special waste characterization and lab waste considerations.

The presentations are attached here for your review and consideration. (these are powerpoint files and will need to be saved before viewing)

Since the meeting was held on campus at the Tangeman University Center (TUC), we concluded the technical part of the meeting, and enjoyed hor d'orves (compliments of the Chapter, and AR) and refreshments in the Catskeller (UC students are "Bearcats" and the Catskeller is the student collection point) which gave everyone a chance to mingle and network with their colleagues including students, professors, industry representatives, consultants, environmental attorneys, and other fields.

A great technical session, and a great time networking with a diverse group!

The next meeting will be in one month at GE Evendale's Learning Center, sponsored by GE. Please place mark September 14th as a day you will not want to miss at GE with the SW Ohio Chapter of A&WMA!

SWOC Members Attend the Annual Conference & Exhibition

calgary breakfast
  calgary breakfast

Several of the members of both the SW Ohio Chapter and the East Central Section attended the ACE in Calgary. It was a reminder that the ACE is the premier education, networking, and solutions event for environmental professionals. The 2010 conference was highlighted with a strong technical program focused on key issues in our field including the “Critical Review of Multi-Pollutant Air Quality Management: Prospects for the Future.” Several Professional Development Courses were offered, and there were great opportunities for all of those involved in the environmental field to network with professionals from a broad spectrum of the environmental arena.

On Wednesday morning, members from the Section and Chapter met over breakfast to exchange ideas, renew old friendships, and forge new relationships, and to discuss technical and regulatory activities at the conference, Chapter, and Sectional levels. All this was great fun for all in a friendly work environment! Here are a few pictures taken during our breakfast meeting. Thanks to Anne Highway, Section Chair, and Bill Garber for pulling the meeting together! Much appreciated.

Gary Bramble Awarded A Fellow

Gary Bramble, A&WMA Fellow

Kudos go out to Gary Bramble for receiving one of the great honors that A&WMA has to offer, the Fellow position. Only one or two members each year from our 8,000 members receive this honor, so we feel fortunate that Gary received this well-deserved award during the “Honors and Awards” luncheon. Gary’s many years of service to the Chapter, the Section, and the national A&WMA were recognized, and, as many of you know, was capped off with his representation at Copenhagen COP 15 earlier this year as the official A&WMA delegate. His A&WMA- facilitated blog of the event, which was highlighted on the home page of the national A&WMA site, provided an insight into the conference and the issues that most were not privy to, and added to our understanding of the key issues surrounding global warming.

SW Ohio Chapter Meeting - "Breakfast with the Regulator" - 2010

As our first local/chapter meeting to kick off the new year, the SW Ohio Chapter re-initiated the “Breakfast with the Regulator” series. The event took place at the Racquet Club in the Kettering Tower in downtown Dayton. For those who did not attend, this site is very accessible from I-75 with easy parking. The meeting was sponsored by Wray Blattner of Thompson Hine LLC. Our thanks to Wray and the firm for reserving this beautiful meeting venue and for helping to sponsor the event.

Our featured Agency speaker was John Paul, Director of RAPCA in Dayton. Director Paul provided a very insightful overview and in depth review in his presentation entitled “USEPA’s Astounding Pace and Workload”. In his talk, Mr. Paul covered NAAQS Revisions in Ozone, PM 2.5, and SO2, NOx, Pb and CO. He also covered EPA Federal Measures, Congressional Legislation, Greenhouse Gases rules and legislation, and the GHG BACT process.

As always with the Director, the presentation was full of front line, current and upcoming, air based environmental knowledge. The presentation is attached and can be downloaded from this site.

We also had another excellent talk from Gary Bramble of Dayton Power & Light. Fresh off his trip to Copenhagen for U.N. COP15 (where Gary Blogged for the Air and Waste Management Association and was featured on the home page of the national site!), he gave us a unique, insiders view of the City of Copenhagen, the feel of the meeting, information on some of the key participants, and related stories. Gary was, as he noted in his presentation, “An Environmental Engineer Seeking Climate Change Science Among the Politics of a United Nations Conference”.

Gary had some excellent points about how A&WMA professionals should work to understand the current state of climate science and related trends in renewable energy engineering. He also urged A&WMA members to be a climate science resource to the general public, and to look at climate change as an emerging science to be studied.

Gary’s presentation is also attached for review in this document.

Thanks go out to the 29 attendees, and our excellent speakers. Remember that our goal in the SW Ohio Chapter is to engage you in the networking and technical aspects of the group, and to always look for ways to provide value to you, the members. Your participation is encouraged and welcomed.


Fall Meeting

Many thanks to so many of you for attending the “Fall Meeting” of the SW Ohio Chapter meeting at the GE Learning Center on September 19th! The meeting was well attended by a diverse group from the manufacturing, regulatory, academic and consulting communities.

We want to acknowledge and thank our Platinum Sponsor, GE, and especially, Jim Sumner and Harold Jones. The attendance, speakers, energy, atmosphere, networking and information exchanged were exceptional, and made for an excellent and rewarding meeting. We also want to acknowledge our great speakers: Harold Jones from GE, and Tom Winston, Lee Burleca, Alan Harness, Carolina Prado,Sarah VanderWielen, Robyn Kennedy and Linda Ours-all from OEPA! Great job of keeping us informed. Thank you.

NOTE: Selected Presentations are available below.

WinstonKennedyJonesHere are some additional pictures from the meeting. Enjoy and plan on attending our next big meeting, the “All-Ohio” meeting in the Spring, which is in planning.


Selected Presentations from the 2008 Fall Meeting



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