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Fall Meeting RECAP!

Dear SWOC A&WMA Members!

On Wednesday September 12, the Southwest Ohio (SWOC) Chapter held our Fall Meeting at the offices of Thompson-Hine at Austin Landing, in Miamisburg, OH. It was an excellent meeting with networking, great speakers, about 35 attendees, and very timely regulatory topics shared to benefit the SWOC members!

Much appreciation to our hosts, Wray Blattner and Nathan Hunt of Thompson Hine; and to our featured Agency speaker Jenny Marsee, Agency Administrator, and our other excellent speakers including: Bill Bruscino and Stephanie Miller of Trinity Consultants, and our Chair and MC, Arnie Beringer of CEECO Equipment. This was our annual "RAPCA" meeting with Jenny Marsee sharing updates on environmental efforts and issues within the RAPCA footprint, with some relevant State of Ohio and Federal environmental thoughts. Ms. Marsee’s presentation can be found HERE.
"2018.09.12 RAPCA AWMA final" Jenny Marsee Presenting on RAPCA

Bill Bruscino and Stephanie Miller of Trinity shared their insights on several topics including an Overview of the modified NSR Guidance Memo’s, the currently active Refrigerant Management Rules, and EPA’s Reversal of the “Once In Always In” policy. Mr. Bruscino’s and Ms. Miller’s presentation can be found HERE.
"2018-0912 AWMA Trinity Air Presentation" Bill Bruscino of Trinity
Stephanie Miller of Trinity

Wray Blattner shared an in-depth discussion on the Status Update on the “Waters of the State” Rule Litigation. Wray also shared several other insights into current environmental areas of interest.

Nathan Hunt covered both the Universal Waste Rule Update, and good information on the Hazardous Generator Improvement Rule, and where the Ohio EPA stands on these important regulations. Many thanks to Nathan for adding the “waste side” of the overall environmental program and adding this element to our usually air focused group.

Wray and Nathan’s presentations can be found HERE.
"AWMA Presentation PDF" Wray Blattner Thompson Hine
Nathan Hunt Thompson Hine

This meeting also offered an opportunity to say Thank You and Job Well Done to our friend, Gary Bramble who has served the Southwest Ohio (SWOC) Chapter, the East Central Section and the National A&WMA for many years. Gary is an A&WMA fellow (our highest honor) and has been instrumental in assisting the careers of too many people to mention through their professional affiliation with A&WMA. Much appreciation to Gary!
Gary Bramble Award Presentation

We are anticipating our next (and final meeting of the year) will be held in Columbus in early December. As soon as plans are finalized, we will send out an e-mail announcement and give you an opportunity to save your spot at that meeting, and we will post that information here on your SWOC A&WMA website. Look for the Save The Date announcement soon!

Agenda for the Fall Meeting

We are excited to announce our next meeting of the year, is being held at the awesome (and convenient) offices of Thompson-Hine in Austin Landing, right off the Austin Road exit of 75, south of Dayton, at10050 Innovation Drive #400, Miamisburg, OH 45342 . You will see the Thompson Hine logo on their building from the highway. As many of you know, this is a GREAT location, right off the highway, with self-parking so, very convenient and easy to access.

This meeting is being hosted by Wray Blattner and Nathan Hunt of Thompson Hine! Thank you for hosting the meeting. Also, sponsoring the continental breakfast will be Trinity Consultants! Arnie Beringer, from CEECO Equipment, our SWOC Chairperson, will MC our meeting.

This is the annual "RAPCA" meeting with Jenny Marsee, Agency Administrator as our Key Agency presenter! Jenny will be sharing updates on environmental efforts and issues within the RAPCA footprint, but also some State of Ohio and Federal environmental thoughts. This RAPCA meeting has long been a mainstay of the SWOC conference meetings, and we hope for a Big Crowd at this meeting.

Here is the Agenda for the Meeting-
8:00-8:30 AM - Registration, Networking and Continental Breakfast/Coffee, etc.
8:30-8:35 AM - Arnie Beringer, Welcome, Thanks and Introduction
8:35-9:05 AM - Agency speaker – Jenny Marsee, RAPCA

  • Topics: RAPCA Updates and State and Federal Items of Interest
9:05-9:50 AM - Air-Bill Bruscino and Ellen Hendrix, Trinity Consultants
  • Overview of NSR Guidance Memos
  • Refrigerant Management Rule
  • EPA’s Reversal of “Once In Always In” Policy
9:50-10:05 AM - Water-Wray Blattner, Thompson Hine
  • Status update on “Waters of the State” Rule/litigation
10:05-10:20 AM – Waste-Nathan Hunt, Thompson Hine
  • Universal Waste Rule Update
  • Hazardous Generator Improvement Rule – Where Ohio EPA stands
10:20-10:30 AM - Q&A and Adjourn

Aside from the important RAPCA update, Wray and Nathan will touch on some key regulatory and legal updates, and Bill and Ellen will be presenting in conjunction with Nathan on some important environmental issues.

THIS IS A COMPLIMENTARY MEETING courtesy of our host (Thompson Hine) and breakfast sponsor (Trinity Consultants), so No Charge, just a GREAT program and an overdue opportunity to network, learn and share.

To make sure you have a spot, please RSVP soon to Bob at-

Hope to See You There!

All-Ohio Meeting

Every other year, the Southwest Ohio Chapter (SWOC) and Northern Ohio Chapter (NOC) come together for the “All-Ohio” Air & Waste Management (A&WMA) meeting. This is a tremendous meeting,  bringing together stakeholders across a broad spectrum from both Chapters for excellent Technical, Regulatory and Networking opportunities! This edition of the “All-Ohio” was held at the Doubletree Downtown Columbus on August 10th  from 8:30-3:30. 

Sponsored, as in the past several All-Ohio meetings, by Mike Born of Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick (SLK), it was a great opportunity to meet with fellow environmental professionals from the manufacturing, regulatory, legal, academic, government, and consulting arenas. The meeting was kicked-off by Andy Weisman, SWOC Chair, and Keith Gaydosh, NOC Chair, and by excellent opening remarks by Mr. Born of SLK. 

The line-up of Regulatory, Legal and Technical speakers included-

  • Bob Hodanbosi, the OEPA Chief of the DAPC,photo
    and Mike Hopkins, the Assistant Chief for Permitting for OEPAphoto
  • Mike Born from SLK law hosting a panel discussion entitled “Future Regulation of Future Generation in Electricity”. The panelists in addition to Mike were Bob Hodanbosi, Chief Ohio EPA DAPC; Adam Ward, AMP Partners; Andrew Roebel, Duke Energy; and Caitlin Scheibel, Buckeye Power.  photo
  • Assistant OEPA Director Laura Factor reviewing activities and initiatives and sharing updates from Ohio EPA.  photo
  • Ms. Karen Hale, Compliance Specialist III, Division of Materials and Waste Management OEPA discussing the “Universal Waste Rules under development at Ohio EPA”.  photo
  • Dr. Carol Clinton, President, E3 Strategic Partners; and Ted Schneider, President, Goldberg Schneider LPA, reviewing “Compliance Audits, Common Issues Identified".photo 
  • Dr. Ashok Kumar; Professor and Chairman of the Department of Civil Engineering, from the University of Toledo, reviewing “Application of ArcGIS interpolation techniques and modeling of particulate matter to solve air quality problems”.  photo

"All Ohio", Bob Hodanbosi

Updates from Ohio EPA DAPC, Mike Hopkins,

"Universal Waste Rules under development at Ohio EPA", Karen Hale

"Compliance Audits, Common Issues Identified" Dr. Carol Clinton, and Ted Schneider

"Application of ArcGIS interpolation techniques and modeling of particulate matter to solve air quality problems", Dr. Ashok Kumar

All of the speakers had excellent presentations, were well-received and active Q&A followed each of the talks. One of the other professionally enriching aspects of the All-Ohio (and all of the SWOC A&WMA meetings) is that (due to Jim Ryckman’s efforts as our Educational Chair), everyone who attends receives Professional Development Hours (PDH) credits! This is no small feat and we thank Jim for his efforts in providing this valuable educational bonus to our attendees! Offering PDH’s is another way that your SWOC strives to offer VALUE to our members in excellent meetings, the latest regulatory updates, interaction with the regulators, other manufacturing firms, academia, government and key consulting partners. 

To refer other interested parties to join A&WMA have them contact Bob McCullough at bmccullough@QSEMsolutions.com, or join on-line at https://www.awma.org/join

Spring Meeting Recap…

The SWOC of A&WMA has just held (on Tuesday, May 2nd) our Spring 2017 meeting, hosted at the Thompson Hine offices off Austin Road and I-75 just south of Dayton in Miamisburg, Ohio. This was a very strong regulatory oriented update and review of both Air and Waste regulations and discussed not only the regulations, but how changes in the environmental framework could affect all the stakeholders in the market. 

Very good Q&A was shared during each of the discussions leading to a better understanding of key issues. 

Andy Weisman, Chair of the SWOC, started off the meeting following a great networking time during our continental breakfast. After networking, we were fortunate to have three excellent speakers whose information is summarized below. All three presentations are available for you to download if you click below…

Excellent presentations included: 
  • Updates from the Regional Air Pollution Control Agency (RAPCA), from Jenny Marsee, the RAPCA Supervisor. During this update, Ms. Marsee discussed the following:
    • A RAPCA Overview
    • Air Quality and Monitoring Data
    • NAAQS update
    • Low Reid vapor pressure fuel change requirement
    • Funding challenges for RAPCA, and
    • Other areas of coverage and concern for RAPCA
  • Updates on Environmental Hot Topics and “The Winds of Change” (Due to changes in the administration and subsequent actions), was presented by Wray Blattner, partner in charge of the Thompson Hine Dayton area office. During this update, Mr. Blattner discussed the following: 
    • Executive Orders of the Trump Administration
    • EPA Budget reductions
    • Congressional Review Act
    • Clean Power Plan
    • Ozone NAAQS
    • Methane and VOC NSPS for Oil & Gas
    • Startup, Shutdown, and Malfunctions
    • Mercury Air Toxics MACT
    • Risk Management Program, and 
    • EPA Request for Comment on “Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda”
  • Updates on RCRA Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements and Final Recycling Rules was presented by Nathan Hunt of Thompson Hine. During this update, Mr. Hunt discussed the following: 
    • Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule
    • Generator Categories
    • Planned or Unplanned Episodic Events
    • Conditions for Maintaining Generator Status
    • Consolidating VSQG wastes into LQG, and
    • Rigorous SQG and LQG Labeling

Southwest Ohio Chapter A&WMA Fall Meeting

On September 20th, the Southwest Ohio Chapter (SWOC) of the Air & Waste Management (A&WMA) Association held a meeting at the GE Training Center in Cincinnati. This facility is a national location for GE personnel to be trained, and also an outstanding meeting facility and a GE jet engine museum! As in many times in the past, our thanks go out to GE, and in particular our long-time A&WMA associate, Jim Sumner. Jim will be retiring at the end of October and plans to spend time on the road with his wife, Patty, exploring the US in their camper and enjoying life in and around both the State and National parks throughout the US. Bon voyage and Happy Trails from all your friends and colleagues at A&WMA! Thanks for everything you have done to extend A&WMA outreach to provide a neutral forum for discussion and information about recent and upcoming regulations, and for providing great support for networking within the industrial, academic and other media in the environmental arena!

This meeting started off with an introduction and background lead by Andy Weisman of RAPCA, the current SWOC Chair. An interesting thing to note, is that this was a joint meeting with our fellow colleagues from the American Institute for Industrial Hygienist (AIHA) partnering with A&WMA as an out-reach to fellow professionals. We appreciate Ralph Froehlich from Helix for suggesting this collaboration.

This was an excellent meeting anchored by Brad Miller and Anna Kelly from the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency (HCDOES).Brad Miller Brad is the Assistant Director and Anna the Monitoring and Analysis Supervisor of the Agency. Brad and Anna were, as always, very interesting giving a very detailed update and analysis on the most recent air regulations affecting us both statewide and federally. During both of their presentations, they fielded many excellent and insightful questions which lead to a better understanding of the key issues facing us today.Anna Kelly


Our host firm, GE, had an excellent speaker, Dave Roberts present product, environmental philosophy and recent environmental initiatives by GE as a large, multi-national firm. Much attention was given to GE's Dave Robertscommitment to environmental excellence, and some of their recent perspectives on risk-based focus in certain areas. Dave discussed how GE is transforming divesting some parts of the company and acquiring new additions to the firm. Dave shared GE's strategic presence in key hubs through the world; discussed the EvolutionTM Series Locomotives and how fuel efficient and fuel flexible they are; he affirmed GE's commitment to achieving top-notch environmental, health and safety goals, and how they have integrated RISK into GE's EHS Audit Programs. Many thanks to GE for sharing this information.

We also want to congratulate our three newest A&WMA members:

  • Anita Evenson from QSEM Solutions
  • Robert (Bob) Kohnen from Preble County Sanitary Engineering, and
  • Jennifer Krueger from GZA.We are happy to have all three of you as part of A&WMA. Congratulations on this involvement!

We have several upcoming A&WMA events that you will want to know about. They include:

  • A meeting at the University of Cincinnati on Friday, October 7th !
  • A meeting at Wright Patterson Air Force Base on where we will have another joint meeting, this time involving A&WMA and the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)!
  • A meeting in Columbus which will be a social event in November.

All of these meetings will have details coming out soon and we encourage you to try and fit some of them into your busy schedules. Remember, PDH's certificates are earned with each technical meeting so this is part of your continuing education and professional development.

Thanks to all the members, and please talk it up and let's bring in even more new members.

Breakfast with the Regulators - Dec. 4th

On December 4th, Frost Brown Todd (FBT) hosted the Southwest Ohio Chapter (SWOC) of the A&WMA from 7:30-10:45 at their beautiful offices at 3300 Great American Tower at 301 East Fourth Street in downtown Cincinnati. This meeting was facilitated by Terri Sexton, SWOC Chairperson, and featured several excellent speakers as part of our "Breakfast with the Regulators" series. Anchoring our technical program were Brad Miller, Assistant Director of HCDOES, and Anna Kelley, Monitoring & Analysis Supervisor. Brad and Anna gave an excellent review of the current standards, the proposed standards, and what those changes will mean to our region and across the nation in specific cities and regions. They have been kind enough to share their presentation and you can review that presentation by clicking here. We encourage you to view this informative, detailed overview.

Photos from the Meeting - please click to view larger image

  • Steve Wesloh Of FBT Discussing The Impact Of Recent Regulatory And Legal Interpretations
  • Brad Miller Of HCDOES Discussing Ozone Changes
  • Anna Kelley Of HCDOES Discussing Current And Future Standards And The Affect On Attainment Status
  • Attendees At The SWOC AWMA Meeting

Also prominent in the program were excellent talks by Steve Wesloh, Thad Driscoll and Chris Kahn of FBT. They discussed in detail several pertinent areas of interest that could impact industry including: Credible Evidence, recent Supreme Court cases, CASPR rule, GHG cases, MATS, and accidental release rule (RMP) recent enforcement activities.

Thanks to FBT for hosting this meeting. It was another good Networking, Regulatory, and Technical meeting.

We are currently planning for the SWOC A&WMA meetings for 2015 and wish each and every one of you an outstanding Holiday Season! Looking forward to 2015 and more informative, and networking friendly, A&WMA events.

TUCSWOC A&WMA Meeting at
the University of Cincnnati

On September 19th, the University of Cincinnati hosted the Southwest Ohio Chapter (SWOC) of the A&WMA from 12-2:30 for a technical and networking meeting at Tangeman University Center. This meeting was facilitated by Terri Sexton, SWOC Chair, and featured several excellent talks by UC students as part of the UC "Seminar Series". The students are all involved in interesting and technically challenging projects.

Presentations were shared by Kaiqi Li, Marissa Liang, Worrarat (Lynn) Thiansathit, and Yang Liu. We also had the opportunity to hear Carol Clinton, PhD discuss sustainablity. Pictures of those speakers are included below, please click on the thumbnail to see a larger version.

  • Kaiqi Li
  • Marissa S. Liang
  • Terri Sexton At UC
  • Worrarat Thiansathit
  • Yang Liu
  • Carol Clinton PhD Presenting on Sustainability

We want to thank Dr. Tim Keener for pulling together this meeting, for being our UC host, and his excellent work now and over the past many years in developing technically astute engineers and in his support for the Air & Waste Management Association.

We also had the opportunity to hear Carol Clinton, PhD, P.E., LEED AP, and President of E3 Strategic Partners (who is also A&WMA Education Council Chair). Carol gave a very insightful and interesting paper on "Sustainability at Multi-national Companies" which provided a look into how many corporations are implementing sustainability practices in their organization.

Many thanks to UC and Carol for your presentations!

2014 “All-Ohio” A&WMA one day seminar

On Tuesday, July 29th, the SWOC in conjunction with the NOC, joined together for the “All-Ohio” A&WMA one day seminar. This meeting was hosted by the Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus. Our hosts at Battelle were Karen Riggs and Brian Boczek. A little information about Battelle:

Battelle is the world’s largest nonprofit research and development organization, with over 22,000 employees at more than 60 locations globally. A 501(c) (3) charitable trust, Battelle was founded on industrialist Gordon Battelle’s vision that business and scientific interests can go hand-in-hand as forces for positive change.

Today, Battelle manages the world’s leading national laboratories and maintains a contract research portfolio spanning consumer and industrial, energy and environment, health and pharmaceutical and national security. We are valued for our independence and ability to innovate within virtually any business or research climate. From large government agencies and multi-national corporations to small start-ups and incubator projects, Battelle provides the resources, brainpower and flexibility to fulfill our clients’ needs.

Onto the Meeting:

By all accounts, everyone enjoyed what was an informative, interesting and varied group of speakers that included:

  • Terri Sexton, Navistar, SWOC Chairperson
  • Karen Riggs, Battelle, Topic: Battelle Background
  • Pamela Allen, Chief of the Division of Materials and Waste, Ohio EPA, Topic: Waste Management Update
  • Bob Hodanbosi, Chief of the Division of Air Pollution Control, Ohio EPA, Topic: Air Quality Update
  • Craig Butler (our featured luncheon speaker), Director of the Ohio EPA, Topic: Directors’ Update
  • Tom Kelly, Battelle, Topic: Status/Restrictions in the Use of Drones for Autonomous Air Sampling and Potential Applications in Ohio
  • Arnie Beringer, CEECO Equipment, Topic: Air Pollution Control Equipment Technologies
  • Neeraj Gupta, Battelle Topic: Making CO2 utilization and Storage Ready for Commercial Deployment in the Midwestern United States
  • Kathy Milenkovski, Steptoe & Johnson, PLLC, Attorneys at Law, Topic: Environmental Potpourri: an update on various regulatory and enforcement matters.

The overall program was packed with information that enlightened the attendees from the excellent regulatory information provided by our OEPA speakers, to the interesting background and diverse scientific projects at Battelle, to an excellent opportunity to network across the broad spectrum of manufacturing, academia, consultants, other scientific community, and regulatory agency staff. 

Dir. Butler



Thanks also go out to Jim Ryckman, our educational chair, who set up and maintains our Professional Development Hours accreditation. All attendees received 6.25 hours of credits for attending this interesting, and engaging meeting.

As presentations are sent in, we will post them on this SWOC website for your ease of review.

We look forward to you attending our upcoming meetings. As the dates and venues are finalized, we will send out an e-mail to give you an opportunity to be part of the great networking and technical aspects of your Southwest Ohio Chapter of the Air & Waste Management Association.

Breakfast with the Regulators - April 24th

On Thursday, April 24th, the SW Ohio Chapter held a "Breakfast with the Regulators" meeting at the Thompson-Hine building off Austin Road in Miamisburg, Ohio. Thompson-Hine sponsored the meeting which featured several excellent speakers.

As many of you know, the keynote speaker was John Paul, Director of RAPCA. Mr. Paul will be retiring this summer, and this was a chance to hear him speak once more in his RAPCA role. With a retrospective approach, Mr. Paul presented an excellent overview of some of the significant strides made in improving the overall Greater Dayton/RAPCA footprint of counties. Mr. Paul's presentation is attached here for your review and enjoyment.

Also, Mr. Paul, in recognition of both the outstanding job he has done leading RAPCA, and in appreciation for his numerous talks conducted at the request of the SW Ohio Chapter of A&WMA received a plaque from the group and a small gift as a token of our appreciation and respect for his contributions to the overall environment in our area. Arnie Beringer, outgoing SWOC Chair, and Terri Sexton, incoming SWOC Chair, both individually thanked John Paul for helping to direct their early careers in both a professional and inspiration way.
Director Paul, Thank You for your service to the community!

Mr. Paul was followed by our host, Wray Blattner of Thompson-Hine. Wray covered a number of the hot and upcoming topics that will affect many of us in the regulated community. Wray can be contacted to support your legal environmental needs at Wray.Blattner@ThompsonHine.com, and/or 937-443-6539. His firms direct website to contact him is at: http://www.thompsonhine.com/professionals/blattner-wray.

Following Wray, Mr. Greg Hemker of EHS was kind enough to share the latest information about the recently adopted "solvent wipe" rule and how this could very easily affect your manufacturing business. Greg's presentation can be found here for future information on this topic.

A big thank you also to Jim Ryckman who set up and maintains our Professional Development Hours (PDH) program where you receive PDH credits for each of the SW Ohio Chapter meetings attended.

Once again, we thank each and every one of you who made the meeting for taking the time to come, to network, and to learn new and important information that will help your firm.

2013 All-Ohio Conference

On November 6th, 2013, the Southwest Ohio Chapter (SWOC) of the Air & Waste Management Association, in conjunction with the Northern Ohio Chapter (NOC) had our "All-Ohio" meeting representing all A&WMA members in the State of Ohio! This meeting was held in downtown Columbus at the fabulous Riffe Center on the 31st floor which offered a great view of the city, the river, the overall air quality, and provided an overall excellent venue to hear dynamic and technically, and regulatory savvy speakers!

Mike Born of SLK discusses the latest regulatory news about EPA's recent 111 (d) rule and how it will impact power plants, and our electricity costs".

This program was generously sponsored by Mr. Mike Born, of Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick (http://www.slk-law.com/About-Shumaker), a full-service business law firm with more than 220 attorneys in its five offices located in Toledo and Columbus, Ohio; Tampa. Mr. Born heads up the environmental practice for the Columbus office.

This excellent program featured presentations by several people including:

  • Aparna Dial-Director, Energy and Sustainability, The Ohio State University
  • Mike Born-Environmental Practice Lead, Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick
  • Bob Basl-Chair of East Central Section, A&WMA
  • Bob Hodenbosi-Chief, Division of Air Pollution, OEPA
  • Mike Hopkins-Assistant Chief, Division of Air Pollution, OEPA
  • Scott Nally-Director, OEPA
  • Chris Elliott-President, Ohio Soil Recycling and Jon Ransom, EMS
  • Dave Jordan-Partner, ERM
  • Pam Allen-Director, DMWM, OEPA


The meeting was facilitated by Arnie Beringer of CEECO Equipment who started off the program. Arnie is finishing up not one, but two, terms as Chairman of the SW Ohio Chapter, A&WMA. We ALL fully appreciate the commitment that Arnie has made to bring leadership to the group, and value of membership to the local chapter. See this attached picture of Arnie being presented a well-deserved plaque recognizing his efforts to make a very positive impact on the chapter. Arnie's plaque is being presented by Jason Simon, Chapter Treasurer. Great job Arnie!

Arnie  jason & Arnie

We urge you all to share the value of being a member of A&WMA and the excellent technical, regulatory and networking opportunities that come from membership in A&WMA!

Soon, we will have our newest chair in place, Terri Sexton of Navistar, and elections for other key office positions (Vice-Chair and Second Vice-Chair). Look for ballots to be sent out soon.

Thanks to all who attended. We know from the comments, everyone who did really enjoyed the presentations and networking. If you were not able to make this meeting, we look forward to connecting with you at Chapter meetings during 2014!

Fall 2013 Meeting

On September 12, 2013, the Southwest Ohio Chapter (SWOC) of the Air & Waste Management Association had our Fall Meeting at the fabulous GE Aircraft Engine Training Center and Aviation Engine Museum!

The program featured presentations by Debbie Walker and Joane Rheinhold of GE; Brad Miller and Anna Kelly of the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency; Terry Harris of SunCoke; and Tom Herman of Zeon Chemical representing the AWMA Scouting Council.

This meeting was sponsored by GE, which generously allowed us to use their meeting facility.

The presenters talks included:

  • The meeting was facilitated by Arnie Beringer of CEECO Equipment who started off the program.
  • An overview of the GE commitment to environmental and sustainability programs, and some very topical information on a recent air permit that GE recently submitted.
  • Brad Miller and Anna Kelly provided an excellent overview of hot air topics both in SW Ohio, the State and from a Federal perspective.
  • Terry Harris reviewed some of the both environmental and public awareness and resistance factors associated with the SunCoke facility near AK Steel.
  • Tom Herman, as the Chair of the AWMA Scouting Council, KY. Chapter, reviewed information about the scouting jamboree, and how Tom, Jim Ryckman, and others volunteered their time to help introduce the scouts to the concept of sustainability and the importance of the environment and importance of STEM education.
  • It is important to note, that once again, Jim Ryckman of WPAFB, our Educational Chair, arranged for Professional Development Hours (PDH) for the attendees!

For those who were able to attend, you had an opportunity to see the on-site, GE jet engine test cells, and get a first-hand look at how the test cell program works, how testing is conducted, and how emissions are measured, all important parts of aviation air quality.

We are fortunate to have Brad, Anna's, and Terry's presentations.

Also, remember, we have the big "All-Ohio" A&WMA presentation on November 6 in Columbus! Look for an e-mail for details and to sign up quickly to reserve your spot.

Call for New Members

Please contact Bob McCullough of QSEM Solutions! at bmccullough@qsemsolutions.com or 513-742-8888 to refer and sign up potential new members so that they can be part of the positive experiences that we offer in our Chapter. Lets all do our part to ramp up membership in our chapter to amplify the A&WMA experience!


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